Tue 1 Jan to Thu 28 Feb 2013

Japan to inspect all Boeing 787 aircraft

Japan's transportation ministry is to inspect all Boeing 787 Dreamliners operated by All Nipon Airways Co Ltd (ANA) and Japan Airlines. 

The move comes after the airlines grounded a total of 24 Dreamliner aircraft following an emergency landing of a jet in western Japan on January 16 caused by battery problems. 

Boeing's flagship planes have recently been experiencing problems such as an electrical fire, a brake problem and a fuel spill, which led to the US Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) decision to conduct a comprehensive review of one of the most advanced aeroplanes ever created. 

"You're nearing the tipping point where they need to regard this as a serious crisis," said Richard Aboulafia, a senior analyst with the Teal Group in Fairfax, Virginia. "This is going to change people's perception of the aircraft if they don't act quickly," he added.

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