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France and Turkey to resume nuclear talks

Turkey and France are to resume talks on civilian nuclear energy, amid Ankara's plans to build three plants within five years in order to reduce its dependence on foreign energy sources. 

The talks will be held with an aim to develop cooperation, which has been stalled due to strained relations between the two nations. The tensions have particularly been fueled by a French bill criminalizing denial of Armenian Genocide, an event vehemently denied by Ankara. 

The resumption of nuclear talks was agreed on January 16, during a meeting of French foreign trade minister Nicole Bricq and Turkish energy minister Taner Yildiz. Bricq's visit to Turkey was seen as a political signal from President François Hollande to develop closer ties. 

"France claims excellence in this field [nuclear technology] ... so it is only natural that we have these discussions," said Yildiz. "We want Turkey to be equipped with the best and most secure technology and we can do it," the minister added.

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