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Fri 1 to Tue 5 Feb 2013

Joe Biden to visit key European allies

US Vice President Joe Biden travels to Europe in the first foreign trip since the beginning of his new term.

During the trip, Biden is scheduled to visit three key US allies, namely Germany, France and the UK. He is expected to meet with the leaders of each country as well as with other governmental officials.

"At all stops, the vice president will discuss with key leaders a full range of bilateral, regional and global issues," the White House announced.

The talks will reportedly focus on the situation in Syria as well as global economy, Afghanistan and Iran's nuclear program. 

In Germany, the vice president will also speak at the Munich Security Conference , an international gathering focused on global security issues. On the sidelines of the conference, Biden will hold talks with Syrian opposition leader Mouaz Alkhatib and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Biden's trip is considered a very important step for the new US administration as Europe continues to struggle with the effects of the economic crisis, which in turn threatens America's economic recovery. 

Germany, France and the UK are expected to help shape Obama administration's second-term policy in many other aspects. All three countries, for instance, are part of the so-called P5+1 negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program.

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