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Mon 1 Jul 2013

Belarus lifts transport control at border entry points

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  • Belarus

Transport control at entry points on the border of Belarus are set to be lifted, Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee of Belarus Yuri Brytkov announced to the press.

The Belarusian Customs will continue working on two services at the border. "In 2013 the customs and border services are expected to take up the functions, which are now performed by the Transport Ministry," Brytkov added.

In the future the customs and border services should take over the functions of phytosanitary and veterinary control, which should considerably reduce the time vehicles spend at the border.

In 2013, Belarus will continue upgrading the crossing points, including Grigorovshchina on the border with Latvia, and Privalka on the border with Lithuania, Peschatka on the border with Poland.

The committee is also planning to create new crossing points, but could take some time as the process is quite complex. - Belarus to lift transport control on border in July 2013 on 1970-01-01

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