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Wed 13 Feb 2013 unconfirmed

Sudan and S Sudan leaders resume border talks

Sudan and South Sudan resume border talks after they failed to agree on how to withdraw armies from their disputed border during the last meeting held on January 19 in Ethiopia. 

Despite an agreement to resume oil exports from the South to Sudan last September, neither side has withdrawn its armies from the border, a necessary condition for oil flow to restart. Oil is vital for both economies. 

"We were facing difficulties during the talks in Addis Ababa because of the changing position of South Sudan which keeps altering every time we reach an agreement," claimed Sudan's defense minister Abdel-Rahim Mohammed Hussein, adding that South Sudan has made new demands for the demilitarization of the 2,000 kilometer border, also known as "Mile-14". 

In return, South Sudan accused Sudan of refusing to withdraw its forces from the border and making new demands regarding "Mile-14".

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