Mon 1 Apr 2013

Coconut drinks for Australians

The H2Coco pure coconut water brand, distributed by the New Zealand company Ice Cube Beverages, appears for the first time on Woolworths supermarket shelves in Australia.

There is nothing particularly new about coconut juice, but only recently have people begun to regard it as a health drink. The juice is fat-free, cholesterol-free and gluten-free, and the marketed product is also low in additives and sugar. In addition it is rich is potassium, vitamin C and electrolytes.

Ice Cube Beverages launched the H2Coco brand a year and a half ago, and it is already earning millions of dollars in sales in New Zealand. The US Pepsi company has also begun to sell coconut drinks, and in the United States, where Rihanna, Madonna and Anthony Kiedis have endorsed the Vita Coco brand, sales of the product are said to have reached US$400 million a year. 

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