Mon 4 Feb 2013

Russia bans German chilled meat due to lax controls

Russia bans imports of chilled meat from Germany after complaints over the country's too lax food safety controls. The move is likely to spark accusations of politicking in a context of strained Russain-German relations.

Russia's veterinary and pytosanitary service, Rosselkhoznadzor, confirmed on January 22 that it would impose a "temporary" ban on chilled beef, pork and poultry meat from Germany. However, no end date was given.

It explained the move, stating that a decentralised veterinary service constitutes an unacceptable food safety risk.

Rosselkhoznadzor's ban was accompanied by a separate warning that due to an outbreak of "low pathogenic avian influenza type A" in some regions of Germany, imports of poultry meat and live chicks from the entire EU will need to carry special certification to state that they are free of the disease.

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