Wed 6 Feb 2013

Mexico City transport workers protest

  • By mariamartens
  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico

Workers from Mexico City's transport sector are mobilizing to demand a raise in transport tariffs. 

They argue that the price of gas has been raised by 800% in two decades, whilst bus tariffs have only increased by 200%. Spokesman Nicolas Vazquez Figueroa explained that the city's independent transport workers do not count on any government subsidies, such as is received by the country's transport passenger network (RTP), which receives above 500 million Mexican pesos a year. 

Figueroa added that the transport workers who operate independently do not seek to make a profit from a tariff increase. Rather, bringing up the tariffs from a minimum of 3.50 pesos to 7 pesos would contribute towards workers' salaries, auto fuel and the maintenance of their vehicles in order to better their service provision.

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