Fri 1 Feb 2013

Egypt holds mass demonstrations after week of deadly protests marking Egyptian revolution anniversary

Opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi hold mass demonstrations following the deadliest week of the president's seven months in office. 

The deadly protests, which  started  on January 25, marking the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled former leader Hosni Mubarak have killed nearly 60 people.

On January 27, Mursi declared the state of emergency in the violence-hit parts of the country and the head of Egyptian army warned of a possible "state collapse". 

The protesters have accused Mursi of betryaing the revolution by concentrating too much power in his own hands as well as those of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The members of the Islamist movement accuse the president's opponents of trying to bring down Egypt's first democratically elected leader in an effort to seize power.

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