Tue 5 Feb 2013

Sacked Maruti Suzuki workers hold 'national protest day'

Workers who were sacked and jailed by Maruti Suzuki India over a riot that took place at the company's Manesar plant in July 2012 hold a 'national protest day'.

Unions in 19 states, including Gujarat, Punjab, Rajhastan and West Bengal agreed to hold demonstrations in their respective cities in response to the call of a provisional committee that was formed after all leaders of the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union were jailed.

The workers have also described the day an "all-India day of solidarity action" against the "toughest times in our struggle". 

A riot broke out in July 2012 when a supervisor insulted an employee because of his caste. Since the event, the company-management terminated the jobs of over 1500 contract workers and sacked a further 546 permanent employees. 

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