Thu 14 Feb 2013

International Day to Support Democracy in Bahrain

Bahraini opposition parties hold an 'International day to support democracy in Bahrain' to coincide with the anniversary of pro-democracy uprisings which began on Valentine's Day 2011.

The Al Wefaq National Islamic Society's secretary-general Khalil al-Marzooq said that opposition groups have been working on this initiative worldwide.

"We need real support from the world for the Bahraini people's natural and humanitarian and legitimate right to a democratic system which is based on the will of all factions that make up the people of Bahrain. This political system must stand on real international standards and frameworks", he said.

Al-Wefaq is the country's largest party with 18 representatives in the 40-member Bahraini parliament.

All 18 members tendered their resignations in February 2011 to protest the government's violent crackdown on protesters calling for democracy in the country. - ~Bahraini Opposition Parties Announce 14 February 'Internati

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