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Former Magdalene laundry workers may stage hunger strike to demand compensation

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The last elderly survivors of the Magdalene Catholic Church laundries may go on hunger strike to demand due financial redress for the unpaid work performed during their captivity in the institutions. 

The remaining 1,00 survivors fear that they may never receive compensation from the government, even if the true extent of state collusion with the laundries is outlined in a report published in February 2013. 

According to independent TD Maureen O'Sullivan, "what the ladies don't want is another delaying game."

"They are aged and urgently want an apology for what was allowed to happen to them. They also need pensions, medical cards, help with housing and restorative justice," she added. 

This is a subevent of: Officials publish report into Ireland’s role in women's detention in Magdalene laundries

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