Thu 14 Feb 2013

'A Good Day To Die Hard' hits theatres

  • By Anne Cukier and 1 other
  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • United States

The latest Die Hard movie with Bruce Willis, titled A Good Day To Die Hard, hits theatres.

Bruce Willis once again takes the role of New York City police detective John McClane, who finds himself on the international stage for the first time.

In Moscow, John McClane meets up with his estranged son Jack, who may even be more of a hard-ass than his father. John and Jack have to overcome their differences and work together to keep each other alive while trying to stop Russian criminals from controlling nuclear weapons.

A Good Day To Die Hard is the first film in the Die Hard sequence to have been treated by IMAX, which has improved the action scenes and makes the audience feel as if they are in the movie themselves. 

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