Wed 20 to Thu 21 Feb 2013

Generalitat president holds open question session for parliament groups

  • By mariamartens
  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Following the Valencian parliaments' introductory session a week prior various ministers are due to continue with the presentation of their mandates' line-of-action. In addition, government council members Maximo Buch and Juan Carlos Moragues, of the economics, industry and commerce ministry, will have the opportunity to present their proposals to tackle economic challenges amidst government corruption allegations. 

In addition, the president of the Generalitat Alberto Fabra is due to open the floor for a discussion session among all parliamentary groups. Among the criticisms that Fabra is expected to face is that voiced by Enric Morera the spokesman for the political coalition Compromis, who claims that the Cort sessions have been halted as of late so that the Partit Popular and the Partit Socialista del Pais Valencia could negotiate the management composition within the loans and savings financial institutions. - Alberto Fabra comparecerá en las Cortes el 21 de febrero

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