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Sun 26 Oct 2014

Tunisia holds first parliamentary election since its revolution

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Tunisia is set to hold its first election following the revolution that ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. It is also the first-time elections are held under Tunisia's new constitution which was adopted last January. 

The elections will determine the make up of Tunisia's 217 seat National Assembly. 

Recent surveys point out that the top two parties are the Islamic Ennahda party and their secular rivals Nidaa Tounes. - Tunisia's pm-designate says he expects elections to take p - Tunisian lawmakers set timetable for constitution, elections on 2013-03-15 - Tunisia: Prime Minister Calls for December Elections on 2013-12-03 - Tunisia to hold elections by Dec. 17, says PM on 2013-12-03 - Tunisia approves new constitution, appoints government on 2014-01-26 - Tunisia election commission proposes votes in October, Nove on 2014-06-16 - Campaigning begins for Tunisia’s parliamentary elections on 2014-10-21

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