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Wed 10 to Thu 11 Apr 2013

G8 Foreign Ministers Summit

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague hosts the leaders of the Group of Eight for the G8 Foreign Ministers Summit.

"I look forward to the UK’s G8 Presidency making headway on the serious challenges facing our global community today", the  Foreign Secretary said on announcing the meeting. "Our G8 priorities of advancing trade, ensuring tax compliance and promoting greater transparency can only take place in an environment of political stability and peaceful international relations", he added.

"In particular I will be focusing on the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, a personal priority for me during the UK’s G8 Presidency and beyond, and ensuring that the G8’s Deauville Partnership provides the support needed by our partners in the Arab world," Hague also stated.

The 2013 G8 Summit takes place under UK Presidency of the G8 in June 2013 at Lough Erne in Co Fermanagh.

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