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Tue 19 Feb 2013

Kenya's teachers stage strike over employment conditions

  • By Yafit Lazar and 1 other
  • Last Update: 4 years ago
  • Kenya

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) stages a nationwide strike ahead of the general elections .

The union's National Executive Council (NEC) announced the news on February 14 after members met to ratify the decision that had been made earlier in the week.

The strike is organised for the first day after the seven-day notice lapses, which will allow teachers to keep off schools.

According to the union, the strike was not staged because of the impending election but to ask for the improvement of teachers' rights.

Teachers demand a 50 percent increase in house allowance, 20 percent in medical and 10 percent in commuter allowances. If accepted, the demands would cost the government 25 billion Kenyan Shillings.

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