Sun 24 Feb 2013

Etihad Airways switches to improved passengers service system

Etihad Airways makes its "Big Switch" to new, state-of-the-art, passenger sales, website, and check-in systems, the most significant milestone in its US$1 billion, 10-year deal with Sabre Airline Solutions.

The Passenger Service System (PSS) transformation project is the most challenging IT and business-critical initiative that the Abu Dhabi-based airline has implemented in its history. It has involved intensive training for 6700 Etihad Airways and third-party staff.

The change will integrate Etihad Airways’ current PSS into one platform that will utilise cutting-edge software across its reservations, inventory, eCommerce, distribution and departure control activities.

The most significant changes the switch, which started on February 23, introduced was  customer experience especially in areas such as mobile and guest communications.

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