Tue 30 Apr 2013

Beltane Fire Festival

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  • Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Beltane Fire Festival is a public ritual celebration, taking the form of a modern interpretation of the ancient Celtic Beltane festival which marks the onset of summer.

Initiated in 1988 (the founders were a group of performers from the musical collective Test Dept.) the festival is run by volunteers at the Beltane Fire Society, a registered charity and company in Scotland. 

Nowadays, with more than 300 costumed and painted performers and a torchlit procession accompanied by drumming groups and lots of fire, the festival manages to attract more than 10,000 visitors annually.

Tickets can be purchased in advance online. Further details are available at beltane.org

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Contact information

Organization: Beltane Fire Society

Email: scribe@beltane.org

Website: http://www.beltane.org