Sat 1 Jun to Sat 31 Aug 2013

Ravinia Festival

The Ravinia festival, the oldest music festival in the United States, takes place on 36 acres of parkland on the Ravinia Park in Chicago. 

Every year around 600,000 visitors make their way to the park to experience some of the 120 to 150 events that span all genres of music, from classical to jazz, over the three-month summer season.

A variety of outdoor and indoor activities take place within those summer months, not only limited to music but also including performance arts, community building and recreation. Visitors are allowed to bring in their own foods and drinks for picnics on the parks many lawns. 

Since 1936 the park has been the summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the parks' Bennett Gordon Hall acts as the home for the Steans Institute for Young Artists.

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