Wed 22 May 2013

Effie Awards

The Effie Awards were founded in 1968 by the American Marketing Association, New York Chapter, as an awards program to recognize the most effective advertising efforts in the United States each year.

Since 1968, and particularly in recent years, Effie has become a source of learning through global conferences, judging discussion and access to in depth case studies providing opportunities for insight into effective marketing communications.

In July of 2008, the New York AMA assigned its rights to the Effie brand over to a new entity named Effie Worldwide, Inc, which NYAMA believed would strengthen its educational component and hence its value to the industry. They were right.

Effie Worldwide exists today to offer data and insight pertaining to effectiveness and real, measurable results in marketing communications. Its main priority is to educate and share with the industry its developing effectiveness resource center by spotlighting big ideas that have proven successful and overcome marketplace challenges.

Adapting with the times, Effie Worldwide also facilitates and encourages thoughtful dialogue among top marketing executives and the industry at large about the future of marketing/advertising. on 1970-01-01

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