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Sun 26 Jan 2014

Year's best music lauded at Grammy Awards

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences rewards the music industry's most outstanding achievements of the previous year. 

Originally called the Gramophone Awards, later shortened to Grammy's, this awards ceremony is the music industry's equivalent to the Emmy Awards for television, the Tony Award  for stage perfomances and the Academy Awards for film production. 

The committee in charge of the Hollywood Walk of Fame proposed the concept of the Grammy Awards after they realized that many important people from the music industry, who would never qualify for a star on the Hollywood Boulevard, deserved some form of recognition for their work and influence. 

Most awards are restricted by musical genre, apart from album of the year, record of the year, song of the year and best new artist. Since the first edition of this event in 1959, winners have received a gold-plated trophy in the shape of a gramophone.  

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