Mon 25 Aug 2014

Primetime Emmy Awards honor the late Robin Williams

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The Primetime Emmy Awards are held once more to celebrate the best of the best in American television programming. This year's years show is set to commemorate the late actor Robin Williams who passed away weeks before the event.

The host of this years's awards is the comedian Seth Meyers. He was a part of the comedy show Saturday Night Live and currently has his own show Late Night with Seth Meyers.

First awarded in 1949, the Emmy's are the television equivalent of the Academy Awards for film production, the Grammy Awards for the music industry and the Tony Awards for theatre production. 

This awards ceremony was created by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, an organization devoted since its inception to promoting the advances of telecommunications. The award itself, a winged woman holding an atom, symbolizes the combination of creativity and art with science and technology achieved through the medium of television. 

Awards are presented to the best writers, directors, producers and actors, both for series and made-for-tv movies. Awards go to actors and actresses for their work in leading or guest roles, whilst other awards are presented to behind-the-scenes personnel, such as art directors, costume designers and sound editors. 

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