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Golden Raspberry (Razzie) Awards

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Since 1981 the Golden Raspberry Awards are presented in recognition of the worst in film. 

The idea for an awards ceremony dedicated to terrible cinema was born as an impromptu activity between American publicist John J.B. Wilson and his friends during Oscar night. They would gather to watch the Academy Awards ceremony, whilst themselves voting on the worst performances and productions of the previous year. The first time this took place a press release about the event, released by Wilson himself, was picked up by a few local newspapers. By the fourth installment, the number of people attending had more than doubled and the ceremony was covered by CNN and two major wire services. 

The ceremony is modelled after the Oscar's, but in a way that is "deliberately low-end and tacky." The name of the awards is based on the phrase to blow a raspberry, referring to a sound made in derision or humorous contempt. 

The awards themselves cost less than $5 and depict a raspberry sitting on top of a super 8mm film reel, the whole of which is then spray painted in gold. Actors do not typically attend the event to receive their awards, since winning such an award is not considered an honourable mention. In certain notable cases actors have nonetheless accepted their awards with humour, some of which have also gone to receive an Oscar award the following evening. 

Sandra Bullock famously accepted her Razzie win for worst actress in the 2010 ceremony for the movie All About Steve, going on to win an Oscar for best actress on The Blind Side the very next day. - 2013 Nominations: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Bad in So Many Ways

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