Every week we release a new tutorial on how you can get most of your Zapaday, accompanied by a new calendar from our Premium Calendar Selection. This weeks tutorial shows you how you can sync any Zapaday Calendar to your Google Calendars.

In other news, our new Security and Conflict Premium Calendar, fed by sources like the UN, NATO and government officials, will keep you up to date with the international crisis at hand.

Welcome to Zapaday’s series of support tutorials, helping you get most out of your Zapaday platform to make future news planning a breeze.

Below you can see our first tutorial on how to get calendar updates and receive alerts directly to your e-mail.

Click on the video below to watch how you can use Zapaday’s Calendar Updates to get one step ahead.

Next week, we’ll be releasing a tutorial on how to sync your Zapaday to Google.

Today Zapaday launched the Dutch PR & Lobby Calendar featuring all relevant future political and social events for communication departments, PR agencies and lobbyists.

The Dutch PR & Lobby Calendar consists of 25 individual calendars, including the agenda of the Senate and House, meetings of the European Parliament and the European Commission, the Calendar Issue and the Dutch Inhaakkalender – covering general big events and days.

Currently, several news agencies have partnered with Zapaday, most prominently ANP, as have PR agencies Hill + Knowlton and The Issue Makers for the launch.

To read the details on the launch, click here.

Here we are. It’s been almost three years since Zapaday launched and now we serve hundreds of journalists and newsrooms worldwide.

Today, Zapaday users can go Pro. Some calendars and services of Zapaday will no longer be free and require a paid Pro account. This way, our talented team can keep improving Zapaday.

Essential news calendars will remain free. On top of that, many Premium News Calendars will become available to journalists and newsrooms.

The Pro and Team plans come with a number of Credits, Users and Calendar Dashboards, to organize content. With Credits, members can subscribe to Premium Calendars.

Very soon Zapaday will invite journalists and publishers to create and sell their own Premium News Calendars via Zapaday.

Only two days left until Zapaday launches its new business model and few new changes are happening.

This week some news calendars on Zapaday will become Premium. Our members can subscribe to these calendars using credits that come with a paid plan. Of course, free accounts will keep giving you upcoming top stories and world news.

We’re also creating a new ‘marketplace’ on Zapaday where journalists can gain revenue from contributions.

On Thursday we’ll tell you more about the plans, Zapaday Pro and Zapaday Team, and what’s to come next.

Zapaday has launched the anticipated ‘ANP Agenda’ to provide news calendars for ANP clients across Europe. The renewed ANP Agenda, based on the Zapaday platform, includes planned domestic and sports news events, curated by ANP editors, and foreign and economic events curated by Zapaday editors.

Nearly 1.000 ANP users including journalists, broadcasters and communication professionals, will use the ANP Agenda to find future events, create alerts in selected calendars and share annotated events to work together with colleagues, staying ahead of the competition.

The ANP Agenda is available here.

Zapaday has partnered with the Baltic News Service (BNS) to provide the prime news calendar for the Baltic media industry. Starting in the New Year, BNS will deliver the most compelling future world and Baltic news to its media clients based on the Zapaday platform.

“One of the challenges for news organisations in their transition for survival is to focus on their core strengths,” says founder and CEO of Zapaday, Stefan Hoevenaar.

“National news agencies are the best source of national and local niche news, while Zapaday can provide all global future news. From Zapaday’s vast database of future news events, BNS can select what is most relevant for their local audiences.”

BNS will be the first press agency in the Baltic region to partner with Zapaday.

Finding the future top stories on Zapaday is easy, but finding journalists on site to report is a little harder. Today Zapaday together with GRNlive, the UK based Foreign Correspondents Network, launch the global news-reporting network of the future!

Now, our client newsrooms can search Zapaday’s database of future worldwide news and available GNRlive correspondents in that area are matched to the story, listed with their contact details and experience. In a matter of minutes, newsrooms can arrange coverage of upcoming news events, calling upon the local knowledge of those correspondents at the heart of the story.

“Our partnership is simple, yet has the capacity to transform the way newsrooms keep up with the demand to report timely stories from abroad, not to mention saving money and their carbon footprint by not putting teams on planes,” says GRNlive founder and CEO Henry Peirse, “Covering world news is enhanced by talking to correspondents on the ground with a deep understanding of the story.”

The global GRNlive network includes over 900 professional correspondents, photographers, video journalists, fixers and writers all over the world.

“This partnership demonstrates that innovation is often the combination of existing strengths,” says Stefan Hoevenaar, founder and CEO of Zapaday, “News organisations are in a transition for survival and our goal is to support their transition by improving editorial planning while reducing costs. Our partnership with GRNlive adds great value to our news planning service.”


As of today, Zapaday will no longer post ‘Breaking Future News’ stories on its public website, Zapaday.com.

The next few weeks you will see more changes in our public services. Our blog and newsletter will keep you informed.