Simplify your workflow

Curated, diverse and customisable content on future news, delivered direct to your editorial planning team. Never miss a story.

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Reliable content

Our team of editors curate the content to make sure only the best quality is delivered

Integrated feeds

Integrates with your editorial planning software through our customised API

On the beat

In-depth calendars on particular issues, sectors, organisations and institutions

How it works


We track thousands of external and partner sources for events and mentions of future events.

Monitor and curate

Our clients, editors and partners search and track the future of any topic with FutureScan™.

Subscribe to the future

You choose from hundreds of ready-made and bespoke calendars with upcoming news and events for your markets.


You combine all your internal and subscription calendars in powerful dashboards. Your teams work together on events, anticipate and plan ahead.

How newsrooms use Zapaday technology to stay ahead

Proactive story hunting

Newspaper firms utilise Zapaday's comprehensive and curated news sourcing to never miss a story

Outsource filler story ideas

Our editorial team and technology are delivering ideas directly into newsroom planning teams. Apart from the main stories, it is being utilised as an easier method to plan and cover filler stories and broaden scope.

Enrich your current CMS with a direct content feed

A financial sector newspaper uses a direct feed to their CMS, reducing labour input for published news

News agency

A large European news agency centralises the story feed for their different newspaper firms into one trusted source

Calendar tool

80% of future news and events is already known today. So you can plan ahead and make it actionable.


No need to google for hours to find what you need


Share between departments, teams or individuals

Proprietary FutureScan™ technology

Our powerful in-house software to crawl the web for the future

ISAE 3402 Certified

Peace of mind knowing all your data is in safe hands

Short product development cycle

New features and constant improvements

Mobile friendly

Our tool can be easily used on any mobile device


Sell access to your own clients

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With over 260 calendars categorised into 17 different topics, industries and sectors, you can be safe in the knowledge that the world's most comprehensive calendars for future news and events are at your finger tips.

Tomorrow's news & events more

Customised content and issue tracking

Our editorial team coupled with our FutureScan™ technology can achieve amazing things in even the smallest niche. We are able to build customised calendars to directly suit your needs.

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  • Unlimited Team Environments
  • Unlimited days into the future
  • 10 Users
  • 3 news calendars of your choice
  • Customer support

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