Get to know us. We share a fascination with the future

Stefan Hoevenaar Founder, CEO

Stefan Hoevenaar

Founder, CEO

Some years ago Stefan decided to research a random day in the future, online. He found a myriad of future news stories, events, facts and trivia, spread around the web and locked behind paywalls. Making that transparent would provide insights, make planning easier and broaden the scope of news, hence Zap-a-day. When not surveying the future, Stefan works on projects for participatory democracy or helps clients innovate at ILUMY.

Jim Schalm CFO

Jim Schalm


Jim Schalm is an investment and financial management executive with a background in corporate development and investment management. After a start on the Dutch Options Exchange, Jim worked in London as an investment banker with UBS and Merrill Lynch. In the Netherlands, Jim was head of Capital Markets at F&C and head of product and corporate development at Aegon Asset Management. Jim is owner of the family office Kaya Capital Management and is a member of the board of Investment Managers and Brokers Association (VVBA).

Henk-Jan Castermans CTO

Henk-Jan Castermans


Henk-Jan Castermans is a software-engineer with 25 years of programming and 15 years of ICT Industry experience. Henk-Jan worked with Logica, Deloitte Consulting, Dutch public television and as a freelancer for several clients. In 2008 Henk-Jan joined Zapaday as a CTO. During coding breaks, Henk-Jan is either flying his Cesna 172 across Europe or strolling around his home city Eindhoven.

Willem Zandbergen Corporate Business Development

Willem Zandbergen

Corporate Business Development

Willem Zandbergen is an entrepreneur and manager, building up and improving businesses in the service industry. He has worked as a management consultant focused on financing innovative projects and companies. From 2002 until 2010 he was the CEO of PNO Group, a company with over 400 employees and business in 13 countries. Willem is responsible for Zapaday’s corporate business development.

Maja Micudova Editor

Maja Micudova

Managing Editor

Maja has made it a sport to confound any assumptions about her. As an only child, she should have been spoiled and dependent. And growing up in a small Slovak village close to the famous Polana mountain, she should have settled close to home. Instead, she moved away from her village at the mere age of 14 to England and then went on exchange to Alicante. A chance encounter resulted in her latest move to The Netherlands. With a background in history and international relations, Maja has a unique talent for placing future events in a historical context.

Alejandro Garza - IT Professional

Alejandro Garza Vivas

Head of Development

Alejandro joins the team from Monterrey, Mexico where he completed his Bachelor in Computer Science and Technology. Interested in applying his knowledge internationally, Alejandro took a year off from study to complete an internship for an IT company in Lisbon, developing several travel agency websites. From there he learnt his passion lay in innovation and travel. After finishing his degree, and intrigued by the possibilities of contributing to the future of news, Alejandro manages, develops and maintains the Zapaday website.

Bart Kaandorp - Developer

Bart Kaandorp

IT Professional

Developer Bart is the type of tech-savvy developer who delivers elegant solutions before most get their heads around the problem. In 2006, Bart graduated as a Civil Engineer from the School of Technology in Alkmaar and founded his own successful company in web-design and programming. At Zapaday, Bart combines creativity with efficiency in designing text mining systems and finding the simplest algorithms.

Bas Nieuwenhuizen Sourcing Manager

Bas Nieuwenhuizen

Sourcing Manager

Sebastiaan Nieuwenhuizen earned his degrees in Engineering and Political Science. He combines the understanding of an engineer with the breadth of knowledge that characterizes Zapaday. Having worked for a broad spectrum of Dutch companies in consulting (Berenschot) and deploying business intelligence software (Pecoma), Bas has a nose for sourcing even the most remote corners of the internet and the future.

Marcel Overtoom - Sales

Marcel Overtoom

Account Manager

Marcel handles Zapaday’s sales and clients. Having extensive experience in business administration and sales, Marcel worked in China and came back with a thirst to contribute to the development and growth of a new company in a very challenging and evolving media industry. You can catch him on the football field on weekends.

Carst Vrakking - Editor

Carst Vrakking


Despite being one of the youngest editors, Carst is well versed in Dutch media. Before joining Zapaday, he worked as a freelancer for a range of communication agencies and a features writer for Playboy magazine. As a journalist himself, Carst knows the importance of being one step ahead and was drawn to the concept of Zapaday. His talents were quickly applied to both editing and translating events for Zapaday Dutch press agencies.

Jobien Groen - Account Manager

Jobien Groen


Jobien was raised all around the world but she always calls Amsterdam home. She studied cultural anthropology and intercultural communication, and has worked as a webeditor, journalist and translator. Enticed by working in a news environment with a twist, Jobien manages Zapaday’s projects, pushing the boundaries to offer new solutions to clients. And if you’re looking for new recipes, keep an eye out for Jobien’s new cook book ‘Lekker Lokaal’.


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Sander Breedveld

Process and Product Manager

Murielle Smit

Front-end Developer